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Fully Managed Web Data Collection & Delivery

Exploration & Design

Partner with our data experts and engineers to identify the web data that solves your business problems, and then we’ll figure out how to retrieve it. We understand how to find the data you need, and will deploy the right technologies to get it for you.


Our developers will quickly configure and deploy custom scrapers to extract the exact data you need, as often as you need it. Our engineering team has built thousands of web scrapers over the last eight years, powering YipitData, the #1 provider of web data to Wall Street.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Websites change, and web scrapers break, but you still need your data. We monitor all of your systems, and if something goes wrong, we fix it for you. You only need to focus on your data, not whether or not it will be there.

Delivery & Integration

We deliver your data in any format you want, can integrate it seamlessly with your own internal platforms. Whether you want to receive a CSV via email, have data delivered directly to your database, or have it piped into your CRM or ERP, we can do it.

Readypipe Means Business

We understand the unique attributes and challenges of every industry we serve

Agricultural & Commodities
Factors impacting commodity prices
  • Crop data
  • Government reporting
  • Weather patterns
  • Import / export data
Competitive Intelligence
Granular detail on your competitors’ products
  • Search and sales ranking
  • Store locations
  • Brick-and-mortar store reviews
  • Competitor pricing
Corporate KPIs
YipitData uses Readypipe to collect billions of data points each month, enabling it to offer research on over 70 companies across 8 sectors
  • Market dynamics and share
  • Performance of strategic initiatives
  • Pricing/discounting
  • Sales volume
Data Vendors
Collect web data at scale for productization and re-selling
  • Job listings
  • Geolocation data
  • Lead generation
Public Relations & Reputation Management
Review or other textual data to monitor public sentiment
  • Product reviews
  • Travel reviews
  • Brick-and-mortar store reviews
Real Estate Data
Commercial and residential real estate rental or purchase prices
  • Government land registries
  • Construction permits
  • Real estate brokerage sites
Retailers & Consumer Products
Retailer and product data from online stores and marketplaces
  • E-commerce pricing, discounting
  • Product offering and best sellers
  • Store location footprint
Web data is the largest source of publicly available information in the world, and it’s growing faster every day
  • This explosion of data answers all sorts of questions, and solves many problems
  • But collecting data at scale is a huge challenge
  • Readypipe can gather unstructured data and transform it into a useful dataset for you

Everything Readypipe Does Behind the Scenes

We are the cutting edge of web data extraction

Complete server & database management
Scales infrastructure automatically
Benefits from all the latest Python libraries
Automatic logic to resolve network errors
Automatic proxy management
Highly scalable concurrency
Error logging and alerts
Collection QA & maintenance
User-agent management
Debugging & end point finding support
Sync data out of AWS to your own database
API for integration with your existing tech stack
Get Data Fast

Readypipe is the future of web scraping.
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