Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend, which means its time for Super Bowl Squares: the game that gives everyone who doesn't really care about the outcome of the game a reason to stay interested. Read on to learn about your chances at taking home some money in your pool:

Which numbers do you want to draw?

We scraped box score data for all of 2018's games from Pro Football Reference to calculate which scores are most common. Here are the quick takeaways:

  • Early in the game, 0 and 7 are the numbers you want, followed by 3 and 4. Teams end a quarter with one of these digits at the end of their score 75% of the time.
  • Draw 2, 5, or 9? Sorry, you're probably out of luck: Only about 9% of the time does a team's score end with one of these digits.
  • 1, 6, and 8 aren't very good early in the game, but they have solid odds for the final score: about 30% of fourth quarter scores end with these numbers.

Take a more detailed look at the numbers with these charts

Check your odds for each quarter

In the charts below, New England's numbers are based on scores for the home team this season, while the Rams are considered the road team. While neither team is technically home (the game is being played in Atlanta), we're designating the Patriots as the home team because they are currently favored by about 3 points, the typical home field advantage.

Want to get the data yourself?

Readypipe users can use the Github Gist below to collect this data themselves. Readypipe is an all-in-one platform to run your web scrapers: just write the logic and it handles everything else. Readypipe is used by everyone from 3-person companies to 3,000-person companies: you can request access here.

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