Spotify launched in India last week, and quickly made headlines after hitting 1 million users within days; the news sent the company's stock up about 4%, according to an article in Barron's. We examined data from to provide more context around Spotify's early performance in India.1

Read on for details (and playlists!):

India's share of global streams is less than 1%

Currently, India makes up about half of a percent of global Spotify streams - that tiny red area in the bottom right of the chart below.

Growth has been modest over the first week

While one might expect significant streaming growth from India in the first week post-launch, this isn't evident in the data. Here we compare the first week of daily streams for India against streams for Spotify's other similar Asian markets2. Although India has outperformed its peers over this time frame, the differential suggests only modest growth since the initial launch.

India's rank among Spotify's markets - around 30th - has been steady thus far

It is still early, but India's rank among Spotify's global markets has been consistent: around 30th, currently between Switzerland and Taiwan.

Still, there is clearly room for Spotify to grow in India

1 million users may be an eye-catching number, but that amounts to less than .1% of India's 1.3 billion population. Below, we've plotted Spotify's ten largest markets, along with India, based on how their streaming counts compare to their overall population. The Philippines are the lowest among the top ten in terms of streams per person, at .76, while India - the red dot at the bottom right of the chart - barely registers at .01.

However, if India were to ever reach .76 streams per person, it would be Spotify's largest market.

What are users in India listening to? Here are the most popular songs in India that you've probably never heard

The playlist below includes the top 20 songs in India that have never charted in the U.S. top 200. It's a stacked lineup of Indian music stars (and Marshmello).

Meanwhile, many of America's biggest hip hop artists have yet to catch on in India

These ten songs are in the top 40 in U.S. streams, but have yet to chart in India; it consists of nine rap tracks, as well as the best song off of Ariana Grande's new album.

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1. Our analysis only consists of data from songs that appeared in the Top 200 on a given day.
2. This index consists of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Because of the way Spotify's daily counts are tabulated, daily streaming counts should only be compared against countries in similar time zones. We selected these five countries because of their geographical proximity to India and their similar magnitude of streams.

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