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A Day in the Life: Women and Men

by Nathan Yau (FlowingData)

How do we spend our days? Nathan's mesmerizing visualization of our quotidian patterns helps us understand.  

Is it a Duck or a Rabbit? For Google Cloud Vision, it depends how the image is rotated

by Max Woolf

Google Cloud Vision, a tool for classifying images, sees the same image as either a duck or a rabbit, depending on how it is rotated.

How many high school stars make it in the NBA?

By Russell Goldenberg & Amber Thomas (The Pudding)

As March Madness approaches, The Pudding provides us with an extensive analysis of how the top recruits out of high school perform in college and beyond. 

How Federal Disaster Money Favors The Rich

by Rebecca Hersher and Alyson Hurt (NPR)

This NPR investigation demonstrates how the various programs in place to deal with disaster relief tend to exacerbate inequality.

Price changes in textbooks versus recreational books over the past 15 years

by @TrueBirch

A chart that will come as no surprise to those of us who have recently spent time in school: textbooks are only getting more expensive.

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