These are five of our favorite data visualizations from the past week around the internet. Get them delivered to your inbox every week by signing up for our newsletter here. (Last week's readers had an edge in their Oscars pools.)

Brand Values, Over 18 years

by Arthur Charpentier

Watch the full one-minute video to pick out trends like the explosion of new tech in the 2010s, Nokia's total collapse, and Coca Cola's persistence through the decades.

The Gyllenhaal Experiment

by Russell Goldenberg & Matt Daniels (The Pudding)

This super-fun interactive from The Pudding invites you to try to spell the names of world-famous celebrities and visualizes where you - and others - went wrong along the way (the example below is for Britney Spears).

Oscar Speech Length by Category

by Zev Youra

This chart shows how much longer acceptance speeches have become over time, though the uptrend has mercifully leveled off in recent years. Check out Zev's site for additional Oscars-related visuals.

Pitch velocity increases in Major League Baseball

by Bo McCready

This Tableau visual shows how drastically pitch speeds have increased in recent years; the trend has not showed much sign of slowing down.

Trump Has Publicly Attacked the Russia Investigation More Than 1,100 Times

by Larry Buchanan and Karen Yourish (NY Times)

As the Mueller investigation is reportedly nearing its end, this story lays out how the frequency of the president's attacks on the investigation has ebbed and flowed over time.

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