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Mapping Motor Vehicle Collisions in New York City

by Todd Schneider

Collisions involving cyclists peak in areas near bridges, particularly the Williamsburg and Queensboro. Pedestrian injuries, perhaps unsurprisingly, are highest in Times Square.

Valentine’s Day is L.A.’s most popular wedding day. What about the rest of the year?

by Matt Stiles and Ryan Menezes (LA Times)

Valentine's Day is unseasonably popular for weddings, but in general May through October is the peak season. Other dates - August 8th, October 10th - likely saw a boost from calendar-related quirks

Visualizing zip codes

by Ben Fry

This nifty tool allows you to see how zip codes are assigned and distributed around the United States. 

A Detailed Timeline of Trump's Words About the Wall

by Kevin Quealy (NY Times)

This story shows how, leading up to 2016's presidential election, Trump insisted that Mexico would pay for the wall, but since taking office his language has shifted to Mexico paying for it "indirectly" or through reimbursement. 

Measles cases have exploded in Ukraine

by @chartrdaily

Ukraine saw a huge jump in new Measles cases in 2018, which followed an extended period of lower vaccination rates, partially related to the ramifications of Russia's occupation of Crimea. 

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